Month: February 2012

Nine Lives by William Dalrymple

Nine Lives in search of the sacred in modern India has stories of individuals who renounced a conventional upbringing and lifestyle to do what they were interested in. The author has spent some time with each of the protagonists,observing their lifestyle and trying to understand the mind of each of the protagonists of his stories. The Nun's tale is the story of a nun born into a well to do Jain family, who decided to renounce the world and take Diksha against the wishes of her family. Her lifestyle is described in great detail including her travels and diet. Though the nun is supposed to have no attachments, she misses her friend who died some time ago. Other stories include that of dancer, singer, monk, a lady who gives up her family life to live on a cremation ground. Often, it is better to do whatever makes a person happy, instead of bothering what other people say and trying to please them.

Nine Lives in search of the sacred in modern India

by William Dalrymple

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing Plc , 2009

Pages : 284

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