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Review: CIU (Hindi) 0

Please note that the book being reviewed is published in Hindi, and the reviewer is reading a book or story in Hindi after more than 30 years though she speaks Hindi fairly fluently. Similarly since the reviewer has not written a sentence in Hindi for more than 30 years, her writing speed is very less, and so the review is written in English.
The book is loosely based on the security breach when gelatin sticks in a car were found outside Atlanta, the home of Mukesh Ambani who was then the richest man in India. The incident was widely covered in the mainstream media, and this book recollects the incident with the names of the characters changed to avoid legal problems or defamation. While the real life incident is not resolved till date, in the book, the author has his own theory of who did it and how it was done.
The book starts with TV coverage of the discovery of gelatin sticks outside the house of kuberiya, richest man in india and asia. The house is located in a posh area of Mumbai, Peddar Road, close to the beach. The security incharge is a retired R&AW employee Aman Chaudhary
The various security agencies including police, ATs, NIA swing into action to find out who was responsible. The ownership of the car is traced to a car dealer Hasmukh who is later found dead. Yatin Sathe, assistant police inspector in the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) of the Mumbai police, is arrested . This character is loosely based on the Sachin Vaze, the API in the CIU who was linked with the gelatin sticks. Just like Sachin Vaze was allegedly reporting to Parambir Singh, who was then mumbai commissioner of police , Yatin Sathe is working closely with Mahavir Tomar, the Mumbai CP
Like in the real life incident, Mahavir Tomar is also transferred to a department which is of no consequence after the incident, holding him responsible. The character of retired inspector Dilip Verma is based on Encounter specialist Pradip Sharma who is also closely working with Sathe. For eliminating the underworld from Mumbai through encounters, Dilip Verma was made the CIU incharge after it was formed. NIA also arrests Dilip Verma from Lonavla where he has gone on a holiday. How the mastermind of the plot is traced, his motivation forms the rest of the story. Due to the corruption in the CIU, the author has abbreviated the book name as Criminals in Uniform
This book explains the functioning of the security agencies, specifically mentioning that while in other states, the Director General of police is the top post, in Maharashtra the Mumbai CP position is the most prestigious. Though the book shows the NIA as a very efficient agency compared to the police, some harmless private citizens especially in the internet sector, are finding that they are cheated, exploited, and their retirement savings are stolen by government agencies allegedly NIA without a court order causing great financial hardship

There are almost no well written English books on the function of the security agencies in india. This is well written book, recommended for those who wish to understand how the security agencies, especially the police work, the connection between police, media and business.
CIU: Criminals in Uniform
Author : Sanjay Singh, Rakesh Trivedi
Publisher : R.K. Publication , 2022
Pages: 269
Please note that the reviewer received an Author Review copy of the book
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