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The Book of Indian Shells by Deepak Apte 0

Though there is a lot of information available online, there is a relatively less accurate information about Indian flora and fauna as most of the information is only available with scientists in government organizations and non profit organizations, who cannot be easily accessed by Indian citizens. The Bombay Natural History Society which was associated with bird watcher Salim Ali is one of the most high profile organizations and has released a number of books on the flora and fauna of India.
Most people who have grown up or are living in the coastal areas of the country are familiar with the different seashells, however identifying or finding the scientific names of these sea shells can be difficult. The Book of Indian Sea Shells is one of the books published by Bombay Natural history society in 1998, which contains fairly comprehensive information of the shells available in coastal area with 13 different plates having color photos of the different shells available. While some shells have commercial value like cowrie shells, others are available on beachsides and in homes/gardens which are over run by snails

For each shell listed, in addition to the latin name, description, colour, habitat, habits, distribution, availability is also listed. However any information about the commercial value and application, uses of these shells would be appreciated. The Book of Indian Shells by Deepak Apte is a relatively rare book, which is not available with any online retailer as it is out of stock and out of print. A useful book, anyone wanting information on shells can contact using email to

The Book of Indian Shells by Deepak Apte
Bombay Natural History Society
Oxford University Press
Published in 1998
115 pages

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