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Healing through Natural Foods 0

Healing through Natural Foods is an informative book containing details of the various natural foods that can be eaten to prevent and cure various common ailments and health problems. Some of the health concerns covered include bacterial infection, coagulation (blood clots), depression, diabetes, diarrohea, inflammation, blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, immunity, ulcers and pain.
Every chapter contains a brief description of the health problem, its cause, and the foods that can prevent or alleviate it. Each food is then described in great detail. Some foods like garlic and ginger are used to cure multiple ailments and are described separately in each chapter with respect to the problem they seek to solve. The book also contains description of foods that will boost immunity, improve memory , a person’s life span.
A useful book, especially for Indians, as most foreign books available do not list foods which are available in India

Healing through Natural Foods
Dr. H.K Bakhru
Published by Jaico Publishing House
Twelfth impression : 2010