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John Green is the author of some popular fiction books which are based on the life of children, teenagers and young adults. Though his first book was published only in 2005, he has subsequently published six novels and five short stories. The john green review has autobiographical information about John Green, his education, and his experience being bullied by other people stronger than him. It also talks about how the writer has shared his personal experiences in the numerous novels which he has published. Like most novels, these works of fiction cover a gamut of emotions and experiences.

Looking for Alaska, the story of a high school student, was the first novel published by John Green in 2005. It was followed by the book An Abundance of Katherines published in 2006, about the life of depressed person who took a road trip. Paper Towns was probably the most popular work of fiction , and was number five in the New York Times list of best selling children’s books. The Fault in our Stars,Let it Snow, Will Grayson, Will Grayson are other published novels by John Green.