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Review: A Romance with Chaos 0

Most of the tech, internet company founders and top employees have worked in tech companies all their life. These companies are usually getting orders from larger companies in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. The work culture in these companies is very different from that of other indian companies, especially engineering companies.
The book “Romance with Chaos” is about the life of a software engineer Nakul Kapoor working in Bytesphere, an IT company based in Mumbai. Like many employees of IT companies he is not from Mumbai, and is sharing his flat with another employee. After a project is completed, the employees usually have some free time, which they can use to visit their families, especially if their families are living in other cities.
Usually employees who are not working on a specific project are on the bench. Any other project manager who requires staff to help, can ask for these employees on the bench . However, working for other teams for short periods of time, does not help professionally. So most software engineers and their managers looking for projects which they can work full time. Usually before starting the project, the employees will undergo the necessary training to learn the programming languages and acquire the required skills.
The book is also about the extremely hectic life of software engineers who are expected to work till very late at night, 8-10 pm almost daily. This often will adversely affect their family life, and family members feel neglected. In one case mentioned, the wife of the project manager Chirayu Chaudhary runs away with a person from the office feeling neglected, and then his daughter always leaves the home.
Though the software engineer also do social work, and work on projects in rural areas, they largely lead a hectic life.
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Interesting book, gives a detailed description of the life of software engineers working in Indian tech companies and the functioning of these companies

A Romance with Chaos
Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher : Rupa Publications Pvt. Ltd, 2009