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Review: A Romance with Chaos 0

Most of the tech, internet company founders and top employees have worked in tech companies all their life. These companies are usually getting orders from larger companies in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. The work culture in these companies is very different from that of other indian companies, especially engineering companies.
The book “Romance with Chaos” is about the life of a software engineer Nakul Kapoor working in Bytesphere, an IT company based in Mumbai. Like many employees of IT companies he is not from Mumbai, and is sharing his flat with another employee. After a project is completed, the employees usually have some free time, which they can use to visit their families, especially if their families are living in other cities.
Usually employees who are not working on a specific project are on the bench. Any other project manager who requires staff to help, can ask for these employees on the bench . However, working for other teams for short periods of time, does not help professionally. So most software engineers and their managers looking for projects which they can work full time. Usually before starting the project, the employees will undergo the necessary training to learn the programming languages and acquire the required skills.
The book is also about the extremely hectic life of software engineers who are expected to work till very late at night, 8-10 pm almost daily. This often will adversely affect their family life, and family members feel neglected. In one case mentioned, the wife of the project manager Chirayu Chaudhary runs away with a person from the office feeling neglected, and then his daughter always leaves the home.
Though the software engineer also do social work, and work on projects in rural areas, they largely lead a hectic life.
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Interesting book, gives a detailed description of the life of software engineers working in Indian tech companies and the functioning of these companies

A Romance with Chaos
Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher : Rupa Publications Pvt. Ltd, 2009

Review: All about Romantic Love 0

Increasingly newspapers are carrying news stories of how women are being cheated, often of large amounts of money, making fake promises of marriage. The women cheated are usually above the age of 30, and the men cheating them, take advantage of the worsening status of older single women in india, how the government agencies are ignoring all the complaints of the single woman though she can provide proof.The fraudsters cheating single women are allegedly inspired by the greatest fake help/relationship fraud in the indian internet sector since 2010, which the largest tech and internet companies are openly supporting
One of the greatest frauds and most sophisticated corruption rackets of top government employees in the internet sector is how they are FAKING their relationship with single women professionals, investor who they HATE, to rob everything from the single woman and destroy her life completely. These well paid powerful government employees have never contacted the single woman anytime, yet they fake their relationship, duping countries, companies and people in the process.
For example some college classmates of the reviewer are extremely powerful, holding top government jobs, HATE the domain investor, have never contacted her anytime. Yet since 2010, these cheater classmates are faking their relationship with her, falsely claiming that she is their proxy, her savings, domains, websites including this one, belong to them, when actually these classmates, their real girlfriends and associates have never contacted or helped the domain investor at all. The fraud government employees are faking their relationship mainly to get their lazy greedy ruthless fraud real girlfriends and associates lucrative government jobs with the stolen resume of their real domains.
Hence the book “All about Romantic Love” is interesting because it explores relationships from the viewpoint of a psychotherapist. Though relationships can bring great happiness, they can also ruin a persons life. Specifically top government officials are involved in a sophisticated corruption racket of faking their relationship with older single women professionals who they HATE, have never contacted, to rob everything from them and ruin their life, since they are aware that older single women usually do not have a support system
However the book covers conventional relationships where there is some kind of interaction between the partners not sophisticated fake relationship frauds of top indian intelligence, security agency employees who are allowed to waste crores of taxpayer money to put the single woman they HATE under surveillance. The psychotherapist correctly advises that healthy relationships should be nurtured, while it is advisable to identify and end toxic relationships at the earliest to reduce the harm that they cause.
He specifically mentions case studies from his clinic, how failing relationships can adversely affect the health, career, finances of an individual. Often the relationship is one sided, only one person is making all the sacrifices. Usually good looking, charming and rich men and women are able to manipulate others, especially plain looking hardworking persons who trust others.
In the case of Sudha, he mentions how working very hard, taking up multiple part time jobs to help her boyfriend, has adversely affected her appearance. This exposes the great work at home fraud, government slavery in the indian internet sector, with government agencies falsely claiming that women who are only cooking, cleaning for their crooked husbands, are doing computer work to give them government jobs at the expense of the person doing computer work. Most office jobs are stressful, and the government agencies,fraud tech, internet companies refuse to admit that indian paypal account holders are being paid for some work they do for clients, instead humiliating, cheating them to falsely give credit, salaries to scammer students, cheater housewives, goan call girls and other frauds.
He also mentions that though people usually think that only men are cheated by women, in reality the number of women cheated by men is usually higher, but the women do not complain, or no one listens to their complaints. Another feature of relationships is that they change over a period of time, and people should realize this and adjust to this, not allow a toxic relationship affect them. He has also mentioned the various theories regarding romantic relationships
This book is very helpful for those who have a real relationship problem with a person who they actually interact with, contacted in some way, but ending the fake relationship fraud of top government employees for more than 10 years, who pretend to help a woman they have never contacted, to rob her of everything, will be more challenging
Like Dr Govind Sharma’s other book, The Break up Clinic, this book is also helpful for those who find that they are being cheated, exploited, robbed, defamed by someone who they trusted
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All about Romantic Love
Author : Dr Govind Sharma ,IAS Retd
Publisher: Notion Press, 2021

Review: Colorful Notions, The Roadtrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal 0

Colorful Notions The Roadtrippers 1.0 is a travelogue which describes the journey of Abhay,his friend Sashank and his girlfriend Unnati all over India in a road trip in their vehicle to experience the food, culture and check out the different landmarks all over India.Abhay is from a rich family, however he does not have much of a family as his parents are divorced, and his father is too busy with his business to give him any attention. Sashank is from a business family, helping out and loves eating which is reflected on his body. Unnati is working in a radio station, and is accompanying them so that she can give voiceovers in different places which they are visiting

The friends hope to make a road movie about their experience and get funding, help from Bingo Production after they have partly covered north India in Udaipur. They cover most of the states in India, except the north east, from Ladakh and Kashmir in the north, Kutch in the west , Sunderbans in East and Kanyakumari in the south. In particular goa has been described in great detail, especially the parties, where drugs are being used widely. The weather conditions in Ladakh, and the health problems faced are also described. The treacherous terrain of Kutch which has damaged their vehicle is also described, indicating the risk of visiting places without a guide.

While visiting the Sunderbans in West bengal to get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Unnati meets with an accident, is hospitalized and forced to return to delhi. After they visit Agra, they are mugged by robbers who pose as policemen, and they lose everything including their mobile phones and vehicle they were driving. This again highlights the problems faced travelling in India, as there are many fraudsters at different places looking for a chance to loot people. Fortunately the head of Bingo Productions Suraj is very powerful and influential, so those involved in the crime are quickly apprehended and their vehicle, equipment recovered,

This shows the different set or laws for indian citizens, for example the domain investor owning this website has been cheated by google tata sponsored brahmin frauds nayanshree,siddhi mandrekar, veena exploited by slim westernized goan bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak,gujju housewife naina, asmita patel, ruchika king and other google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees , and despite complaining repeatedly , she has not got any kind of justice. However the police and others, especially R&AW,CBI refuse to take any action against these frauds, though proof like bank details, income tax returns can be easily provided. However the police are quick to take action when powerful people like Suraj are involved.

This book is also about relationships especially among family members and young people. Unlike a few decades ago, many young people like vvip goan R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi are having a live in relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Some people like Abhay are unfortunate that they do not have many close relatives, family members, while others living in joint families have many relatives close to them. Increasingly indian intelligence and security agencies are targetting wealthy indian citizens, without close relatives and friends for identity theft. It also shows that many couples who do not get along with each other, remain married only for the sake of the child, and get divorced after their child grows up.

Interesting book about the different places, relationships in india.

Review: Colorful Notions, The Roadtrippers 1.0
Author : Mohit Goyal
Publisher: Srishti Publishers 2017
Pages: 194