Review : Connect the Dots by Rashmi Bansal

If  you read the news and reports in the mainstream media,  being an entrepreneur in India is simple - have a good product or service  at a competitive price, do some marketing.  But  the ground realities are very different, there  is no shortage of  companies (especially the bigger ones) who will try to  destroy your business by spreading false rumours and using every dirty trick in their book to harm you.

"Connect the Dots"   has stories of  20  Indian entrepeneurs who have built their business . While she covers the usual things like the finances, branding, product, marketing, the best part of  the book are the underhand methods companies use to damage / destroy their competitors.  Dirty tactics may work for  commodity products , but unhappy people are unlikely to produce results  if it involves innovation or research.   A good read for any one who is planning to or has become an entrepreneur after a corporate job and has no family business background or support.

Connect the Dots by Rashmi Bansal

Pages : 305 (excluding photographs)

Publisher : Eklavya Education Foundation