Review : Handbook of Civil Engineering

Most engineering colleges teach all students the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering, they have at least one course on the same.
However, civil engineering has far more wider application today, especially if a person has to handle the maintenance of his or her house alone and there are no compulsory course online for engineers in other subjects.
The Handbook of Civil Engineering has some basic information on civil engineering for daily applications like
Building construction
Concrete technology
Public health engineering
Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
Transport engineering
RCC design
Strength of materials
This book will be useful for those answering entrance examinations for various companies and for colleges, polytechnics or someone interested in learning for practical applications.
A more comprehensive book at a similar price would be appreciated.

Academic's Hand book of Civil Engineering
Written by: Subhash Mehta
Revised and edited by: R.S Arora

Academic (India) Publishers, New Delhi