Review : Liberty Blouse and Punjabi dresses

Review : Liberty Blouse and Punjabi dresses
There are a lot of novels and non fiction books available in India, yet there is little useful information available online and offline which could help a person earn a living.
Most of the craft, hobby and DIY books available in Indian book stores and book exhibitions are written by foreign authors and the methods and materials are not easily available or applicable today in India.
The writer of the book Dilip Karampuri runs the Liberty institute of Fashion technology.
The aim of the book is to help women and others start their small business to be self employed as there will always be demand for custom stitched clothes for indian women.
There are no major ethnic wear brands for women in India which are well designed and affordable, hence most women will need a good tailor if they cannot stitch clothes themselves.
Trial and error can be expensive, especially if the cloth material is costly.
The book is fairly comprehensive with drawings for all the cutting to be made.
A wide range of designs for blouses, kurta, salwars are provided for reference
Dimensions and cutting instructions are also included.
In india offline usually the metric system of metres and centimeters will be used for measurement, in this case, the imperial system has been used.
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Other books from the author like Liberty Gown are available only in Marathi More DIY books for Indians will always be in demand.

Book: Liberty Blouse & Punjabi Dresses
Author : Dilip Karampuri
Publisher : Liberty Publication, Pune, Maharashtra