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This blog publishes free reviews of fiction and non-fiction books by  indian authors. Due to the lack of honest obc/bhandari officials, leaders in India the blogger/book reviewer, a harmless private citizen  is denied her fundamental rights since 2010, without a legally valid reason. Since most of the correspondence of the reviewer is allegedly diverted and stolen by ntro/raw/cbi employees running an extortion/impersonation racket, the reviewer has purchased most of the books which are reviewed, paying the market price.
Any author or publisher interested in a free 500+ word book review on the website can send a complimentary copy of their book to the real domain investor who pays all expenses and owns this website. Reviews of all books whose complimentary copies are received by the domain investor will be published within four weeks of receipt of the book, along with a good reads review, if the book is listed at goodreads.

Authors, publishers interested in a free review can send an email to and for details of the current address of the reviewer.

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