Review: Bikes, Beers and a babe

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This book is about the life of a college student from Kolkatta Abeer, from a rich and well settled business family . He has an affair with his classmate in college Yasha. Later Yasha's cousin Priyanka from Jamshedpur joins the college, and she also has a crush on Abeer, and woos him. When Priyanka shares details of her friendship with Yasha, Yasha is very upset and ends the affair immediately, returning everything that Abeer gives her.
This adversely affects Abeer, who loses interest in everything. To overcome this problem, his parents send him to Mumbai to spend time with his cousin Vivek. Vivek shows him around Mumbai, they explore the city on his bike, drinking beers and other drinks. They are also involved in motorcycle racing. At one event he sees a very beautiful girl Renu, who is the boyfriend of Digvijay , the winner of motorcycle races and is attracted to her.
While Renu is willing to spend time with Abeer, she does not want any emotional attachment. However, Abeer falls in love with her, and proposes to her. She becomes very upset and disappears. Later she appears at the college convocation, flirting with some other students. Though Abeer approaches her, she is not interested. This shows the irony of the affairs of Abeer, his first girlfriend wanted complete loyalty and the next girlfriend did not want any kind of attachment.
This book also provides interesting information about life in Mumbai, that police collect more hafta from bars, restaurants which remain open at night because they do more business.
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A good book for those who are interested in knowing about the life of college students, yet do not know any student directly
Bikes, Beers and a babe
Author: Junaid A Tagala
Publisher : Diamond Books , 2013
Pages: 183