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This book is another typical indian fiction book about the life of young people, their relationships
The main protagonist of the story is Joseph, an aspiring musician who has relocated to Guwahati from Delhi to focus on his music career.
The book begins with Joseph calling his girlfriend in Delhi,Uma to wish her on her birthday
Instead of being happy at his greetings, Uma tells that she wishes to leave him since they are living apart for a few years,she has found another boyfriend Tonmoy and is planning to relocate to Mumbai. To fund the relocation she also sells Joseph’s bike which he left with her in Delhi for a very low price of Rs 8000 and promises to return the money.
Initially Joseph is very upset and is moping about the breakup,over time he gets over it, and improves his finances taking tuitions for students and doing everything which is in demand. He also tries to find a new girlfriend, airing a song on the radio station about the girl he briefly met at the bus stop.
After a long search, he meets Aastha Mishra, who is also a singer. Since has a terminal illness, she wishes to meet a popular model and actor Arjun Pathania in Mumbai,who she is a fan of. So Joseph visits Mumbai with Aastha and stays at the house of her friend Nadia. Here Joseph again meets Tonmoy who stole his girlfriend Uma.
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How Aastha Mishra fulfils all her wishes, forms the rest of the story, The book is different from most of the fiction books since it is mainly set in assam and describes the culture,lifestyle of the people in great detail. It also shows that most people are also interested in dealing with successful people, with three girlfriends leaving Joseph because he is not making much money

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The book is worth reading since it is about relationships, how women sleep with their boss or powerful men to get a career boost and about life in North East India

Chocolate Guitar Momos
Author: Kenny Deori Basumatary
Publisher: Tranquebar Press, 2011
Pages: 243

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