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How to control anger – the deadly enemy 0

While the mainstream media carries the news of the layoffs in the tech and internet sector, it refuses to cover the CHEATING, EXPLOITATION culture of the top tech and internet companies who are extremely ruthless in destroying the life of investors who are spending their time and money. In all other industry sectors, the top companies take great pride in the passive income which investors are getting to , while the internet companies are extremely vicious in CHEATING, EXPLOITING, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the real investor and falsely claiming that goan call girls, cheater housewives and other frauds who never invested money in domains, own this and other domains to pay them monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor
This endless government FINANCIAL FRAUD, CHEATING of the real domain investor, indicating the lack of social justice, leads to anger, resentment and a large number of broken keyboards. So this book on ” How to control anger – the deadly enemy” is interesting because it provides an analysis of the causes of anger, how it affect a person mentally,physically, how to control it, how to deal with people who are angry
Due to lack of social justice in india,government agencies allegedly raw/cbi are openly involved in CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, CHEATING, EXPLOITATION of obc bhandari engineers with good JEE rank to steal their resume, savings, data and get the relatives, friends and associates of greedy government employees no work, no investment government jobs. Though officially india claims to be a democracy, in reality engineers from poorer communities are openly denied their fundamental rights, especially the right to equality
The reviewer is usually a very calm person, yet as part of the government RESUME ROBBERY of obc bhandari engineers with a good JEE rank, since 2010, security agencies have been allowed to waste crores of indian taxpayer money to mentally torture, harass her, make her angry, in one of the worst cases of human rights abuses, which people worldwide including people in chicago,usa are aware of. Usually most people get angry, when others do not do what they want , when someone opposes or insults them
People also get upset when they are CHEATED and they can get justice complaining to the police. Yet in some cases, like the reviewer, the government security agencies themselves are openly involved in CHEATING the reviewer, and all the complaints are also ignored. Additionally various new techniques are used to provoke, humiliate and make the reviewer angry. It appears that the security agencies are well trained in the adverse effects of anger and are doing everything they can to make the reviewer angry to ruin her health and waste her time.
For example due to government SLAVERY racket in the indian internet sector, the reviewer has very less free time, yet the government agencies are always doing everything they can to waste her time,when she is in public places hoping to make her angry. Since she is time-starved are there always other activities which the reviewer can do,like deleting smses from the mobile or filling forms while waiting
Yet the biggest fraud of tech, internet companies and government agencies is how they are EXPLOITING, CHEATING, the domain investor, falsely associating her with lazy greedy young frauds when actually there is no connection at all,to give the lazy greedy young fraudsters government jobs, great powers while the reviewer is working long hours for very less money. Additionally the government agencies have used all the latest torture techniques which they are trained in.
While initially these harassment methods were very effective over time they have lost their effectiveness. The author has described some of the methods which a person can use to prevent becoming angry whatever the provocation may be. He also describes how to deal with angry people , how arguing with them is a waste of time.
A person with sufficient mind control can avoid becoming angry, yet there are some people who specialize in provoking others. This is a major problem in factories, where workers who are provoked often go on rampage, damaging property and in some cases attacking the managers causing injuries and death. The author also provides advice on dealing with these conditions
Increasingly government agencies especially in the indian internet sector are ruthless in cheating, exploiting, robbing domain investors to get their associates like greedy gujju stock trader amita patel who do not invest money in domains, government jobs, and when the government fraud victim is becoming angry, these CHEATER LIAR government employees are making videos, taking photos and using the images to justify their great financial fraud, government slavery
The book ends with elevating thoughts which the author hopes will help prevent people becoming angry

Due to the lack of social justice in india, government agencies especially CORRUPT GREEDY LIAR security and intelligence agencies are ruthless in their endless fraud, criminal defamation and government slavery on some citizens, often older single women professionals while making fake claims about panaji goan bhandari R&AW employe call girl sunaina chodan who does not have a computer at home as part of the indian government JOB FOR SEX racket and panaji GREEDY goan gsb FRAUD housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro,only COOKING, CLEANING for her CROOKED husband CHEATER caro working in goan security agencies yet FAKING domain ownership and getting a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor
The indian and state government FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY racket on some citizens since 2010 leads to a lot of frustration and anger for some citizens, so this book provides advice which some may find useful, especially those like the domain investor who require a new keyboard weekly

How to control anger – the deadly enemy
Author: Engineer M. K. Gupta
Publisher : Pustak Mahal, June 2008
Pages: 85