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So this book on drinking juices was of great interest. The book explains in detail why raw food is better than cooked food, since cooking destroys the nutrients in the food. The book provides a detailed description of the various nutrients in the food, which are required for good health ranging from vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibre to phytonutrients.
Though raw juices and other food is good for health, readers should be aware that there are some risks involved in drinking juices. The book describes the precautions to be taken while preparing the juices and how to get the best results.
The last part of the book describes the various fruits and vegetables which can be used for making the juices and the nutrition value of these juices. it also describes the juices which can be used for treating various ailments
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A useful book for those who wish to consume juices for better health.

Drink Juices, Quell diseases
Author: Dr. Dhiren Gala
Publisher: Navneet Education Limited
Pages: 108

Review: Care of the eyes, Author: Dr. Dhiren Gala & Others 0

As a person grows older in most cases, the eyesight is affected. Also young students also are wearing spectacles. Some experts say that it is advisable to avoid wearing spectacles to the extent possible, since the eyes will automatically adjust to the changes. Hence the domain investor is collecting and reading books on improving eyesight since she spends some time daily reading books and has observed that most people about 45 years are wearing spectacles for reading fine print.
Care of the eyes is a book on taking proper care of the eyes, so that they remain in good condition for the rest of the life. Like the author points out some of the eye problems are due to hereditary factors, and cannot be corrected. He also says that people should avoid wearing glasses to the extent possible. wearing glasses will make the defect permanent.
the book is divided into twelve different chapters like causes of visual trouble, diet, physical exercises, correct use of eyes, eyesight testing method, contact lenses and general care of the eyes
The author has also provided details of ten good habits for keeping eyes in good condition, exercises for strengthening the eyes and how to take care of children’s eyesight from childhood.
The book includes a eye test chart from Dristi Sudhar Kendra, Mumbai and Near vision test chart.
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Kindly note that this book was purchased paying the market price, this review was provided free of cost, please contact at for free book reviews
This is a useful book for those who wish to take proper care of their eyes and avoid wearing spectacles to the extent possible.
Care of the eyes
Author : Dr.D.R. Gala, Dr. Dhiren Gala, Dr. Sanjay Gala
Publisher : Navneet Education Limited
Pages: 45