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Single older professionals, investors are often asked why they are not married, yet the fact remains that short women find it difficult to get a suitable match, especially if they are also not good looking or fairskinned, most men doing well want to marry tall good looking women . Similarly shorter professionals often find it difficult to get well paying jobs, and are overlooked for promotion, though they may be more competent professionally.
Most senior positions in companies are usually held by tall, good looking and fair complexioned people, the skills, experience and knowledge of short people is often wasted due to the prejudice of taller people who hold most of the positions of power and openly mock, humiliate shorter citizens.
The height of people usually depends on the history of the region. North India has been repeatedly invaded by Persians, Mughals, Greeks and others due to which the people in Punjab, Haryana,and other places in north India are taller, fair complexioned. Similarly goa was ruled by the portuguese for almost 500 years, and so the people in goa, are usually taller, fair complexioned, compared to people from other areas, which were not ruled by foreigners
while it is politically incorrect to discuss height related discrimination and the english mainstream media does not discuss the problem, hindi speaking people who are usually taller will openly mock people who are shorter and discriminate against them. This book increase your height was originally written in Hindi and has been translated into English.
The book is divided into four sections. The first section discusses extensively the discrimination which people face because they are short, how the personal as well as professional life is affected. It is also discusses whether the height of a person can be increased, even after the age of twenty. The opinion of doctors on height increase is also provided.
The next section provides information on the factors which affect the height. Though most people believe that hereditary factors mainly contribute to the height person, it has been observed that in some cases, the children are shorter than both their father and mother. Tips on how the parents or guardians can ensure that the height. The role of diet and exercise in increasing height is also provided
The third section of the book provides advice on how men and women can increase their height, with a detailed description of the exercises they can do. Tips on how to improve the posture are also provided.
In the last section, the height increase experts answer questions related to height increase, especially the diet schedule

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An interesting book for those who wish to look taller, even if they are above the age of twenty five.
Increase your height
author: Krishna Gopal Vikal
Publisher: Pustak Mahal, 1998