Review: Dollar Bahu by Sudha Murty

This book looks at the pros and cons of life in USA and India through the eyes of  Gouramma , who has lived in Bangalore for most of life and whose son Chandru works in the USA.  She  fails to appreciate the many qualities and the hard work of  her Indian daughter in law Vinuta and blindly ignores the many faults of  her  US based daughter in law Jamuna, till it is too late.  

A  general reflection on how talent and hard work in India is rarely recognised, but  a person with less talent or knowledge is revered just because  he or she is US based.  The book  was originally written in Kannada , so like Mahasweta reviewed earlier, certain nuances are lost in the English translation.

 Dollar Bahu by Sudha Murty

Pages : 142

Publisher : Penguin India