Review : Games Indians Play by V.Raghunathan

The book  Games Indian Play -  Why we are the way we are   looks at  the possible reasons why Indians are individually hardworking and intelligent,  but  as a nation,  a large section of   the population remains illiterate , lives below the poverty line and public infrastructure is poor. 

Some of the features of  Indians which are discussed in the book  include  low trustworthiness, lack of self regulation and sense of fairness ( not the Fair and Lovely kind),  mistaking talk for action . He uses game theory to find the reasons behind this behaviour .  He narrates several incidents where Indian businessmen  out to make the quick buck, lose out in the long term.   The "crab in a bucket" syndrome makes difficult for an individual to excel however good he or she may be, when every one around trying their best to pull the person down. Western countries like USA,  Germany, France, Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea appreciate talent and hard work to a much greater extent, which is why they are economically so advanced.  

Games Indians Play  -  Why we are the way we are  by V.Raghunathan

Pages : 170

Publisher : Penguin Books