Review: The Caged Phoenix by Dipankar Gupta

The book , "The Caged Phoenix - Can India Fly"  is another realistic look at India today.  The author has used his  field studies  in factories and villages  to find out the actual extent to which poverty has declined and finds that it is still widespread. 

He says "  The Indian affluents like to believe that they are not just a world apart from the grime around them, but in fact , world class".     Another interesting discussion on  perception vs reality in  India .  The distance between the elite and the poor is so large, that they have no empathy for the millions who work for them and contribute to their wealth.  He contrasts India with Europe  and England where the Whig aristrocrats went out of their way to devise policies to protect the poor and improve their condition.    He believes that India can grow only if the government can efficiently deliver health, education and other public goods.

The Caged Phoenix - Can India Fly - by Dipankar Gupta

Publisher : Penguin Books India

Pages : 322

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