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Review : Unbound , Indian Women @ Work by Gita Aravandum 0

One of the biggest disadvantages (and advantages) of having an online business is that you do not really have to interact personally or meet any one face to face to grow your business. Since it is nearly ten years since I was able to quit my job, and this book is an interesting read on conditions for working women in the last decade.  This book focuses mainly on the popular career choices for women – software, journalism , call centres, entertainment industry.  One of the widely used terms in the book is that she earns a good salary or earns well, but no numbers are provided.

The other thing is that the author comments on the lack of women CEOs in the software industry, there are a lot of women software engineers at the entry level, but few to none at the top level. When you work in any company which you do not own, you always have to live up to some one else’s standards. Being a female entrepreneur is difficult in India, even more so if you are single with little family support. And very few  women have the guts to sacrifice almost everything to grow their business.
The book also has stories of women who are educated, earn well but are still trapped in unhappy marriages due to family pressures.

Unbound, Indian Women @ Work

by Gita Aravamudan

Publisher : Penguin Books India , 2010

Pages : 214