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Though there are relatively few opportunities in small towns compared to large cities, one of major advantages remains that land is relatively cheaper, so people can live in bigger houses and grow plants. However there are relatively few books and accurate information available on the different types of plants which are available in India and grown in the tropical areas of India. Most of the books available in book stores are written by english authors about plants which grow in temperate climate. The book Medicinal plants in your own yard by Dr. M Vasundhara, Dr Vasundhara Bhupathi and Dr N.S. Leela is one of few well written indian books available on plants which are grown in India, and their medicinal properties.
For those who did not study botany professionally, yet are interested in gardening, this is an excellent book for reference and to identify the various plants which are available. The latin name of each plant is provided along with the name of the plant in Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada. Compared to other books on Indian plants which are available, a major advantage of the book is that photos are included for almost every plant which has been described. Most of the other books only contain sketches of the flowers and plants, which are not easy to identify
Most of the plants listed in the book are relatively easy to identify or find like coriander, coleus, aloe vera, curry leaf, garden mint, holy basil(tulsi), indian spinach , hibiscus, rose, valerian , white headed nettle, though some are not easily found like the winter cherry.
Though the book is relatively expensive at Rs 225 and difficult to find, it is a good reference book for amateur gardeners looking for additional information and unable to get much help on plants growing locally.

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Medicinal plants in your own yard
Authors: Dr. M Vasundhara, Dr Vasundhara Bhupathi and Dr N.S. Leela
Publishers : Navkarnataka Publications Private limited
First edition: 2009
Second edition: 2013
Pages : 235
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