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Unlike most novels available, which are based mainly on relationships,the story The Quest for Nothing by Anurag Anand is set in modern day corporate India. It traces the career of Aakash, an MBA from his first job to a situation where he faced the end of his career. Like most career conscious individuals, he hops from one job to another for a better position and salary, marries a wife Deepali he met at work, works both at Gurgaon as well as Mumbai, depending on the opportunities available.
However, his life is turned upside down when his boss accuses him of leaking some very confidential information related to the insurance purchased by their customers. He flatly denies this allegation since he has never indulged in such an activity since it could destroy his career, which he has worked so hard for. However, his boss has proof that the data was accessed from his laptop alone for stealing and storing on the CD.
He is about to lose his job, when his wife does some detective work, and finds out that the actual theft of data was commited by a young girl Monisha on whom Akash had a crush on. Since Akash was infatuated with Monisha, he allowed her unlimited access to the laptop. With the help of her real boyfriend, Monisha stole the data and released it to the public, resulting in loss of reputation to the company.

In this story Monisha and her boyfriend are caught and punished, but in the indian internet industry scammers and frauds are role models for powerful officials who worship these criminals

This story reflects the reality in the indian internet industry where extremely powerful officials are infatuated with young cheater women like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, kalpita n. , nayanshree hathwar, riddhi caro, asmita patel, ruchika kinger, and commit great blunders because of their blind infatuation with young women in their early twenties. Unfortunately in the poorly governed Indian internet sector, no one loses their jobs for indulging in these scams.

Instead the fraud companies Google and Tata ensure that the scammer women are rewarded for their cheating, fraud with fake references of experience, permanent positions in the government with a very good salary and pension as reward for cheating a single woman engineer of her hard earned money.

In reality in India well connected frauds and cheaters, especially in the internet sector will attain great positions of power, due to rampant corruption, nepotism, ruthlessness, greed and cruelty of powerful officials and their young cheater criminal girlfriends, with kim kardashian look alike siddhi mandrekar easily winning the title of MISS CHEATER INDIA, and cheater nayanshree . a close runner up in looting single woman.

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jobs 1Superior govt employment are very difficult to get in India. A sarkari naukri may be a perfectly paid governing administration employment. Folks still want authorities employment. A sarkari naukri is your passport to wealth and recognition. People today function rather tough and also the competitors is usually extremely fierce. Folks who take care of to obtain through the civil products and services tests tend to be the ideal and sometimes get high amount positions during the administration. You may should prepare for numerous tests nevertheless the planning ought to be really by way of. A sarkari naukri could very well be at many different concentrations belonging to the governing administration. Govt work opportunities in India are actually really properly paid out job opportunities. You can find an higher and lessen age limit for government work. A recruitment travel is mostly advertised in most of the main newspapers in India. A sarkari naukri could also be good for ladies and ladies. You will find girls who have obtained best rank within their respective fields within the federal government. Currently it is not painless since the Indian populace has developed. You should be coached well so as to carry out nicely while using the recruitment tests. Not having this preparation, it might be not possible so you can get via an exam. You have to decide on the sort of exams additionally, the coaching you necessitate. You will discover occupations on the market in the Indian railways. High amount law enforcement officers are very well paid. A sarkari naukri is sort of a status image. A pension is assured after a selected quantity of years of provider. This is a respectable employment with monetary security. jobs 8Youthful males and females are constantly on the lookout for operate. As compared, there’s a lot of labor related anxiety inside the private sector. Even with your endeavours, you may still not receive a authorities occupation. The published tests are held in diverse cities all throughout India. Most of the people can pay for to pay for this minimal nominal charge. It is imperative that you acquire some coaching to prepare for a governing administration employment. It is vital to prepare clearly for an examination. Typically, youthful properly capable persons opt for lender relevant jobs. These govt lender staff also are very well paid out. These probationary officers are really nicely paid. That’s why, in the event you are well ready, there is a excellent probability of acquiring a govt job. The Indian Administrative Expert services job opportunities are some of the greatest in India. The IAS work opportunities are thought of as rather prestigious job opportunities. Private sector employment do fork out properly, but a authorities work has a greater position. Federal government positions are regarded as privileged positions in culture. Point out level federal government positions are equally superior. They’re to be filled in every year. Governing administration jobs are regarded as very easy work opportunities. This pension scheme often attracts men and women to authorities occupations. As inflation rises, so do salaries. You can find a gradual shift in recent times to private sector work opportunities. Persons who want a better setting up income would prefer a task within the non-public sector.
Federal government positions have one more disadvantage which is about promotions. Expertise and tough function are very well rewarded in private agencies. It can be talent and also your perspective that counts. It can be all about numbers when it comes to a authorities employment in India.

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The Mysterious E-mail by Anirban Basu 0

A part time detective Aki Ray is approached by a businessman Banibrata Mazumdar who wants him to investigate a phishing email . Soon afterwards the detective is told by the businessman’s son Chayan that the businessman has disapeared, probably kidnapped. Initially the main suspect is the US based nephew of Banibrata Mazumdar,Abhishek who is in Kolkatta for a holiday.

But closer investigation provides more clues to the identity of the real suspect. On the day of the “kidnapping” ,the businessman’s spinster sister wakes up very late, later it is found out that she has been given a dose of sleeping pills. The son claims to have registered a complaint with the Shakespeare Sarani police station, but on checking the records, it is found out that no complaint was recorded. On further investigation, it is found that Banibrata Mazumdar had actually faked his own kidnapping and was hiding in his own office.

The reason behind this “fake kidnapping” was to ensure that Banibrata Mazumdar’s US based brother Chittabrata Mazumdar did not claim his share of property. It was also apparent that the fake email id was created using the .com extension, when the actual email id used a .edu domain name corresponding to the university where Abhishek studied.

Unlike most fiction books in India today, which are stories of every day life, relationships, travel, this book includes technical/internet related content. However, the real life stories in the internet industry are far more entertaining and unpredictable. Please post a comment or mail if you wish to be updated on our latest releases on the Indian internet industry.

The Mysterious E-mail by Anirban Basu
Published by Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. in 2010
No. of pages : 146

Note : This blog post was originally posted in December 2012, but by January 2013, it had been deleted by some unauthorised person(s). We are trying to trace the persons involved, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Celebrity News  | Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News

Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, Covering Celebrity News and Hollywood Rumors. Get All The Latest Gossip Get gossip about the top stars of TV, movies

PEOPLE The Celebrity Site for breaking news celebrity pictures and star style

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Celebrity Directory Celebrity Gossip Celebrity Pictures  Celebrity Videos Celebrity News

Celebrity Directory, Celebrity photo, video, and gossip blog featuring the latest hot celebrities including Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham. Celebrity Gossip

PEOPLE The Celebrity Site for breaking news celebrity pictures and star style

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Review : Ambani & Sons By Hamish McDonald 0

Ambani & Sons By Hamish McDonald is an updated /revised version of the author’s earlier book,  The Polyester Prince – the rise of Dhirubhai Ambani.  The  Polyester Prince was never published in India , and  today 2  used copies are available online at Amazon for $909.90 and $999 + shipping (the list price of the book was $15.95) .

The book provides information on the family background of  the Ambanis, their Modh Bania  community , the financial network, political connections and affiliations and their rise to become the richest Indians in the country. The most interesting part of this book for me was the intelligence network developed by Indian family owned businesses to keep track of current and potential allies and rivals, something they don’t teach you in college and a job in conventional big companies. 

 Ambani & Sons By Hamish McDonald

Pages : 396

Publisher : Roli Books – The Lotus Collection

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In recent months , I have greatly increased reading of books and magazines because

  • The quality of the online content available is poor
  • the same advertising is shown repeatedly

It is also much more simpler to order books online.