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Review The Quest for Nothing by Anurag Anand 0

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Unlike most novels available, which are based mainly on relationships,the story The Quest for Nothing by Anurag Anand is set in modern day corporate India. It traces the career of Aakash, an MBA from his first job to a situation where he faced the end of his career. Like most career conscious individuals, he hops from one job to another for a better position and salary, marries a wife Deepali he met at work, works both at Gurgaon as well as Mumbai, depending on the opportunities available.
However, his life is turned upside down when his boss accuses him of leaking some very confidential information related to the insurance purchased by their customers. He flatly denies this allegation since he has never indulged in such an activity since it could destroy his career, which he has worked so hard for. However, his boss has proof that the data was accessed from his laptop alone for stealing and storing on the CD.
He is about to lose his job, when his wife does some detective work, and finds out that the actual theft of data was commited by a young girl Monisha on whom Akash had a crush on. Since Akash was infatuated with Monisha, he allowed her unlimited access to the laptop. With the help of her real boyfriend, Monisha stole the data and released it to the public, resulting in loss of reputation to the company.

In this story Monisha and her boyfriend are caught and punished, but in the indian internet industry scammers and frauds are role models for powerful officials who worship these criminals

This story reflects the reality in the indian internet industry where extremely powerful officials are infatuated with young cheater women like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, kalpita n. , nayanshree hathwar, riddhi caro, asmita patel, ruchika kinger, and commit great blunders because of their blind infatuation with young women in their early twenties. Unfortunately in the poorly governed Indian internet sector, no one loses their jobs for indulging in these scams.

Instead the fraud companies Google and Tata ensure that the scammer women are rewarded for their cheating, fraud with fake references of experience, permanent positions in the government with a very good salary and pension as reward for cheating a single woman engineer of her hard earned money.

In reality in India well connected frauds and cheaters, especially in the internet sector will attain great positions of power, due to rampant corruption, nepotism, ruthlessness, greed and cruelty of powerful officials and their young cheater criminal girlfriends, with kim kardashian look alike siddhi mandrekar easily winning the title of MISS CHEATER INDIA, and cheater nayanshree . a close runner up in looting single woman.