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The Art of Coconut Craft 0

Though india has a large number of unemployed and partially employed people, many of whom are educated, there has been a dearth of opportunities to earn a fair living. The government can offer a limited number of jobs, and increasingly private companies are very selective about choosing the person they employ, limiting opportunities for older people. India also does not offer support to unemployed people in most states. However, in India there is very little information about metal work, crafting, tailoring, food processing or other DIY which could be used by a person with free time to earn some money to cover expenses.

While fiction books are good for entertainment and getting sleep , and business, politics books provide information, these do not help to pay the bills, especially if infinite indian tax payer money has been wasted to ensure that the harmless innocent person does not earn a fair living online and correspondence allegedly diverted to call girls who sleep with powerful officials and well connected good looking cheaters.

The Art of Coconut Craft is a very useful book for anyone who would be interested in learning about the different applications of coconut or making a living creating and selling coconut craft items. Coconut trees are an integral part of the life of any person living along the west coast of India and many would be interested in knowing how to earn a living from the coconut and leaves of the coconut tree.

Often non fiction books are written by a person who has a superficial knowledge of the subject, this book for a change has been written by a master craftsman Vijaydatta Lotlikar who has many years experience making coconut shell craft, He has provided very detailed information on coconut craft, the different types of coconut available, quality of coconut shell from goa and kerala . Guidelines on how to make craft items from coconut shells have also been provided, the tools required and the methods to be used. It also provides information about the incentives offered to craftsmen, for example at the Aparant Maand held in two different places in Goa, artisans who participate are given Rs 100 per day as DA.

The book has been published with the help of the grant of Rs 25000 from the Goa Government’s Directorate of Art and culture under the scheme to provide financial help to Goan Authors and Publishers. In addition to useful content, the book has extensive internet links related to coconut craft and also photos of the various coconut shell items

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