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Review: The comic capers of Sheikh Chilli 0

The mainstream media regularly carries the news of those who top the various entrance, school and college exams. They also carry a lot of advertising from coaching classes, with photos of the toppers. However, the harsh reality of living in india is that academic performance does not matter later in life, and many toppers including the reviewer are victims of resume robbery, identity theft , with school dropout housewives, call girls, stock brokers and other high status well connected frauds getting lucrative no work no investment government jobs with the robbed resume, savings of the professional.
The comic capers of Sheikh Chilli is about the life of simpleton Sheikh Chilli, various incidents from his life. Initially he was living with his mother, who got him married. Though he is simple, and always making mistakes, he is lucky that in almost all cases, the matter is usually resolved.
The nawab impressed by his simplicity hires him and he is getting a monthly salary
He is also rewarded periodically when the nawab is pleased with him.
The book has twenty different stories, for reading at night
This confirms that conditions in india have worsened, no one cares for honest people, government agencies waste taxpayer money to ensure that engineers from top colleges do not get any paid work to force them to agree to resume robbery, give up their savings, resume to the lazy greedy relatives, friends and associates of the well paid extremely greedy government employees in a sophisticated form of bribery of greedy dishonest top indian tech and internet companies
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The book is recommended for children and those who like funny stories
The comic capers of Sheikh Chilli
Retold by Anupa Lal
Publisher : Scholastic India, 2007
Pages: 97