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Review:The Best of Ruskin Bond 0

The Best of Ruskin Bond is a collection of short stories by Ruskin Bond. The stories have been divided into different categories like Tales of the Macabre, Love and Friendship, From a little room (Essays & Vignettes), On the road ( Travel writings). Most of the stories are only a few pages long and are predominantly set in small town India where the author spent a large portion of his life. Some of the stories are autobiographical, others are related to the his large extended family. Adventures of a book lover is a story which a bookworm can relate to. Getting the juices flowing is a simple story on how taking walks is a very effective way to exercise and get back in shape. Some of the stories involve train travel, which most modern Indian authors do not cover. This author uses simple English which an Indian reader can easily relate to. Reading this book is an easy way to spend free time and to forget other problems.

The Best of Ruskin Bond
by Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Year: 1994
Pages : 428