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Review: The Mark of Vishnu by Khushwant Singh 0

The book Mark of Vishnu by Khushwant Singh is a collection of his most popular short stories. Though Khushwant Singh, who passed away recently was well known as a journalist and novelist, he first made his mark as a short story writer. His short stories are extremely well written and cover different aspect of life in North India. The Mark of Vishnu is the story of the king cobra Kala Nag who was fed with milk daily by Gunga ram. One day he is attacked by school boys who think they have killed the snake and take him to school as a specimen for their biology lab. However, the snake though battered is still alive, and escapes, but not before attacking Gunga Ram.
Another interesting story in the book is about Zora Singh the foreign educated engineer who rose to become the chief engineer through his knowledge, hard work, people skills and by remaining in the good books of the powerful ministers in the government. After retirement, Zora Singh is rewarded with a membership of the Upper house by the minister who trusts him. This story gives a glimpse of life in the country after independence.
A well written collection of short stories, ideal for a bed time read.
The Mark of Vishnu stories
by Khushwant Singh
Penguin Books
Selection first published in 2011
Pages :154