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Review: There’s something about you 0

Due to the large number of websites, many people are working as content writers, and the book, There’s something about you, is about the life of a young woman trishna saxena working as content writer in a company. All of a sudden, after working in the company for seven years, she is told to leave the company and is offered the option to leave immediately with one month salary or work for another month and get two months salary.
The internet portal she is working for has decided to upgrade the website, and using fresh, younger people for creating content, so they decide to ask trishna to leave. This is a shock for her, since she did not expect it and she is the sole breadwinner for her family which consists of her aged father and mother. Though she tries to get another job, she is not successful. An ex-colleague from the company she has worked for, offers some freelance work, answering questions from people looking for help, basically being the agony aunt.
Her replies are very popular, but the print edition wants to keep the identity of the person replying secret, so that the editor can falsely take credit. While Trishna agrees initially, since the money offered is very good, after sometime she feels frustrated, since she realizes that she will not be able to show the work she does in her resume, so she leaves the job.
The main protagonist is living in a rented flat in bandra and this book reflects the problems of those who do not have a regular source of income to cover their daily expenses, especially if they are taking care of their aged parents, whose expenses are higher. It also exposes how older single women are taunted because they are not married, do not have children, and are not considered suitable for giving advice.
another aspect of the book is the neighbour akanksha who is married to a very rich man vinay, has a daughter lisa, and appears to be leading a very happy life. yet she is always leaving lisa with trishna for baby sitting, and it is later revealed that she is having an affair with the business partner of her husband. This exposes how common extra marital affairs are in india
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This is good book to get some information about those who write professionally.
There’s something about you
Author: Yashodhara Lal
Publisher : Harlequin, Harper Collins 2015
Pages: 254