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The case of the missing servant by Tarquin Hall 0

There are relatively few well written books on India which are not romances and honestly write about Indian conditions , so the Vish Puri detective series by Tarquin Hall are a good read. The case of the missing servant by Tarquin Hall is another one of the several detective novels on the adventures of Vish(Vishwas) Puri, former military intelligence, India’s most private investigator, who claims to be featured on the cover of India Today.
Like all other novels this novel combines the case of the missing servant, with other activities, matrimonial investigations and an attempted murder attempt on the detective. A jaipur lawyer Abhay Kasliwal is an activist filing PILs to reform the system, finds that a FIR has been filed against him because one of the servants in his house Mary Murmu has gone missing and wanted the detective to prove that he is innocent. The lawyer and his family have little information on the servant who went missing so that the detective can find out what actually happened to her.
An investigation proves that an unclaimed body of a young woman was found around the same time that Mary Murmu went missing and the police claim that it belongs to Mary Murmu to arrest Abhay Kasliwal for murdering his servant. When Vish Puri visits the room of the missing servant, he finds smooth round stones with high levels of uranium in them and realizes that Mary Murmu was from Jharkand area ,where uranium is mined. He also uses his operative Facecream to pose as a servant and finds that a bleeding Mary Murmu was taken away from the house by the ex driver .
During investigation, he finds that the staff are claiming that good looking attractive Mary Murmu was having many “boyfriends”. The driver claims that the injured Mary Murmu was taken to a nursing home. The detective then traces mary murmu to her home in Jharkand . He finds out that she had an affair with the son of Abhay Kasliwal, bobby and was pregnant. However Bobby had gone abroad soon after the affair. When the pregnant servant Mary approached Bobby’s mother, she refused to help and the servant tried to commit suicide. She was saved and to prevent further problems, sent back to her home in Jharkand to live with her family.

Like all books, this is an entertaining read and provides a glimpse of the rampant corruption in the indian judicial system, with judges abusing their powers to make money , which is invested in property . Kindly note that no R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employee is associated with the website in any way, as they do not want to do any work, invest any money, yet rely on the pathological liar google,tata, ntro officials to make fake claims

The case of the missing servant
Author: Tarquin Hall
Pages :312
Published in 2009