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The Mysterious E-mail by Anirban Basu 0

A part time detective Aki Ray is approached by a businessman Banibrata Mazumdar who wants him to investigate a phishing email . Soon afterwards the detective is told by the businessman’s son Chayan that the businessman has disapeared, probably kidnapped. Initially the main suspect is the US based nephew of Banibrata Mazumdar,Abhishek who is in Kolkatta for a holiday.

But closer investigation provides more clues to the identity of the real suspect. On the day of the “kidnapping” ,the businessman’s spinster sister wakes up very late, later it is found out that she has been given a dose of sleeping pills. The son claims to have registered a complaint with the Shakespeare Sarani police station, but on checking the records, it is found out that no complaint was recorded. On further investigation, it is found that Banibrata Mazumdar had actually faked his own kidnapping and was hiding in his own office.

The reason behind this “fake kidnapping” was to ensure that Banibrata Mazumdar’s US based brother Chittabrata Mazumdar did not claim his share of property. It was also apparent that the fake email id was created using the .com extension, when the actual email id used a .edu domain name corresponding to the university where Abhishek studied.

Unlike most fiction books in India today, which are stories of every day life, relationships, travel, this book includes technical/internet related content. However, the real life stories in the internet industry are far more entertaining and unpredictable. Please post a comment or mail if you wish to be updated on our latest releases on the Indian internet industry.

The Mysterious E-mail by Anirban Basu
Published by Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. in 2010
No. of pages : 146

Note : This blog post was originally posted in December 2012, but by January 2013, it had been deleted by some unauthorised person(s). We are trying to trace the persons involved, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.