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Review : Liberty Blouse and Punjabi dresses 0

Review : Liberty Blouse and Punjabi dresses
There are a lot of novels and non fiction books available in India, yet there is little useful information available online and offline which could help a person earn a living.
Most of the craft, hobby and DIY books available in Indian book stores and book exhibitions are written by foreign authors and the methods and materials are not easily available or applicable today in India.
The writer of the book Dilip Karampuri runs the Liberty institute of Fashion technology.
The aim of the book is to help women and others start their small business to be self employed as there will always be demand for custom stitched clothes for indian women.
There are no major ethnic wear brands for women in India which are well designed and affordable, hence most women will need a good tailor if they cannot stitch clothes themselves.
Trial and error can be expensive, especially if the cloth material is costly.
The book is fairly comprehensive with drawings for all the cutting to be made.
A wide range of designs for blouses, kurta, salwars are provided for reference
Dimensions and cutting instructions are also included.
In india offline usually the metric system of metres and centimeters will be used for measurement, in this case, the imperial system has been used.
For more information on
Tailoring to earn money from home, tailoring work at home, check
Fashion, garment, textile, trends, demand in India check
Other books from the author like Liberty Gown are available only in Marathi More DIY books for Indians will always be in demand.

Book: Liberty Blouse & Punjabi Dresses
Author : Dilip Karampuri
Publisher : Liberty Publication, Pune, Maharashtra

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Review : Handbook of Civil Engineering 0

Most engineering colleges teach all students the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering, they have at least one course on the same.
However, civil engineering has far more wider application today, especially if a person has to handle the maintenance of his or her house alone and there are no compulsory course online for engineers in other subjects.
The Handbook of Civil Engineering has some basic information on civil engineering for daily applications like
Building construction
Concrete technology
Public health engineering
Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
Transport engineering
RCC design
Strength of materials
This book will be useful for those answering entrance examinations for various companies and for colleges, polytechnics or someone interested in learning for practical applications.
A more comprehensive book at a similar price would be appreciated.

Academic’s Hand book of Civil Engineering
Written by: Subhash Mehta
Revised and edited by: R.S Arora

Academic (India) Publishers, New Delhi

Review : Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat 0

As the top selling author for pulp fiction in India, books by Chetan Bhagat are widely publicized in the media before being released. “Half Girlfriend” is the latest book from Chetan Bhagat and is the story of a student from Dumraon in Bihar, Madhav and the rich girl from a Delhi business family Riya Somani he meets in St Stephens college while trying to get admission under the sports quota. As Madhav is a state level basketball player he easily manages to get admission though he is not very proficient in English. After getting admission to St Stephen’s college they keep each other company despite their very different background.

After a disagreement , Riya Somani gets married to a rich businessman from London Rohan who has the approval of her family. After graduation Madhav does not take up a well paying job offer from a foreign bank, instead opting to return to his native place Dumraon in Bihar to help his mother from the erstwhile royal family in running the village school. As the school does not get any grant from the government it is difficult to provide good facilities. To get a grant from the Microsoft foundation madhav joins an english course in Patna, and he again meets Riya who has taken up a job with a multinational. Her extremely wealthy husband did not treat her properly so Riya got divorced after a one and a half year.

After Madhav introduced Riya somani to his mother, she realize that Madhav’s mother did not like her. So after the Microsoft visit to the school, Riya disappears. Remembering that Riya always dreamt of singing in New York, Madhav plans a trip to New York. He spends time searching for Riya with the little information he has. Finally he managed to find her and like most Chetan Bhagat novels this book too has a happy ending. Easy to read book in simple language targetting the majority of youth in India who are not very fluent in English.

Author : Chetan Bhagat
Published by : Rupa Publications Pvt. Ltd. 2014

Review : Lucknow Boy a memoir 0

The official autobiography of Vinod Mehta, currently the editor of the weekly magazine Outlook, which was started to take on the monopoly of India Today.
An excellent guide for journalists, those interested in media. It indicates how the government of the day irrespective of the ruling party will censor free press in india, ensure that there is no unfavorable coverage of the government and officials who matter. The author provides a glimpse of his life, right from his family migrating from Pakistan to Lucknow in India , working and living in England, Mumbai and Delhi.

He has started or worked with a number of periodicals including newspapers, magazines such as Debonair, Indian Post, Independent, Pioneer, often resigning or being sacked because of his disagreement with the proprietor over the content of the periodical. The business interests of the proprietor have often been adversely affected due to the negative coverage, with nationwide raids for harassing the business owner.

The editor will realize that negative coverage of a large business group like Tata or Reliance can adversely affect the financial performance of the magazine or newspaper, as these groups will ensure that the media house does not get any advertising, essential for survival. Even a small negative story like worms in cadbury chocolates are not covered in the media due to the clout which cadbury has with the media in india. Powerful people in India are extremely sensitive to even the smallest negative stories and take it personally.

Often the editor will have to make the uneviable choice of only carrying positive stories which are boring and adversely affect the circulation, or sensational negative stories, which often help increase the circulation of the magazine/newspaper and wide receive publicity . However, the magazine as well as the proprietor will often be punished for the negative stories. Thus though Outlook has excellent content, it has comparatively fewer advertisement compared to other less honest magazines,

Author : Vinod Mehta