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Review: Paradise towers, Author: Shweta Bachchan-Nanda 0

Though real estate agents will consider the location while choosing a home, one of the main factors a person should consider especially if the person is single, old or a woman is the neighbors in the area. For example the domain investor was living in a middle class area of mumbai, yet because the people in the area were tolerant she did not face major problems. In contrast though the domain investor has a mailing address in one of the poshest areas of panaji, she is facing many problems because the some of the high status respectable people like the sindhi scammer schooldropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil and her xerox shop owning husband pran premchandani, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, teacher edith are scammers, liars openly involved in real estate, banking fraud, criminal trespassing, robbery,killing the plants. The repeated killing of the plants shows the extreme hatred.
“Paradise towers” is the story of the lives of people living in a residential building. Like most residential complexes in Mumbai, the building has people from different parts of the country and different religions. They often organize functions where the people living in the building interact with each other.
Mrs Mody is the oldest resident of the building and is living with her servant Patrick. She was the first resident of the building with her husband, and was monitoring activities in the building using binoculars. One day she is found dead presumably from a heart attack. However, the police inspector investigating the case finds that Patrick has given her an overdose of sleeping pils due to which she dies. Her pet parrot helps in solving the mystery of her death.
This shows the problem faced by senior citizens who are relying on servants for help and blindly trust them. The servants are aware that the senior citizens are completely dependent and helpless, so they often take advantage of them, tampering with their food, stealing money and serving poor quality food, to make more money. In some cases, they may get upset and plot their death.
Many young people have their first girlfriend or boyfriend from the same building or college. Beautiful young girls like laila aly khan have many young men interested in them, though their parents oppose their choice, if the person is from some other religion. When their parents find out they often oppose the marriage, resulting in conflict, though the dispute is resolved after some time.
There are many couples who meet while working in the same office like rangnekar couple. Later if the husband loses his job or does not do well in his career, he will abuse his wife beating her in privacy of the home, making her life hell. Often there are ego problems, and the husband may ask the wife to leave the job. In this case, the husband forced the wife to stay at home, running a lunch dabba business.
So while government agencies like security and intelligence agencies are extremely vicious in harassing, criminally defaming single women professionals, especially in panaji, goa, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that marriage is often risky for a woman because she may be subjected to physical abuse, torture, beating by her husband, and she cannot do anything because the woman is physically weaker
Later it is discovered that the husband is involved in illegal activity and jailed. Yet the people are tolerant enough to allow mrs rangnekar to live alone. This is in contrast to the attitude of people in one of the poshest areas of panaji,goa where some extremely powerful people are extremely hostile and prejudiced against all single women and are ruthless in criminally defaming, harassing single women professionals to force them to agree to identity theft.
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The book is well written and gives a glimpse of the life and background of people living in housing societies in Mumbai, their interaction with each other, the helpful nature, which is often absent in some areas of panaji, due to the extremely high levels of corruption which the ex-goa governor satyapal malik also commented on
Book: Paradise Towers
Author: Shweta Bachchan-Nanda
Publisher: HarperCollins publishers India, 2018
Pages: 172