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Review : Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna 0

The death of actor MP Vinod Khanna on April 27, 2017 highlighted the great influence Bollywood has on India, especially the media. Though Vinod Khanna was a 4 time Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur in Punjab, and a sitting Loksabha MP, the media coverage did not highlight the fact and mainly focussed on his film career. The book Mrs Funnybones is written by Twinkle Khanna, the elder daughter of popular actors of the 1970’s Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna and wife of the actor, Akshay Kumar. Though Twinkle Khanna acted in a few movies more than a decade ago, she has mainly focussed on her interior design and candle business,writing newspaper columns, while looking after her children Arav and Nitara
The common man (and woman) in India is always curious to know about the life of our celebrities, particularly the highly paid top actors in Bollywood who have built an aura of mystery about them. The book Mrs Funnybones provides a glimpse of the life of Twinkle Khanna in her multiple roles as a mother, celebrity wife, business owner, interior designer, her lifestyle, the problems which she faces. It also indicates that women have to compromise when they marry into families which are very different from their own. For example Twinkle Khanna is not very religious, while her husband and his family is more religious, so she has to be careful while talking to her children, so that her own religious beliefs are not imposed on her children.
There are other interesting information about her life, how her husband is a fairly good cook , spends time in the kitchen cooking food, while she prefers to spend her time reading books. As a result, her son, has also learned some cooking, which is different from the typical indian home. There is other information as a business owner, how she spends some time daily checking out the accounts of her businesses, payment related problems. She also discusses taking part in trade fairs in Delhi and getting orders for her candle business, her life in boarding school, travelling to countries around the world, taking care of her children and her relationship with her famous mother, the actress Dimple Kapadia.
The author has a very humorous and entertaining writing style, making it easy to understand why this book was the top selling book by a female indian writer in 2015. The book has been wisely divided into a number of chapters, making it possible to read each chapter independently depending on the availability of time. For ordinary indian citizens, like the domain investor owning the blog, who is subjected to identity theft fraud like that in the 2009 Aamir Khan starrer, “3 Idiots” by CBI, NTRO, indian security agencies since 2010, this book provide a rare and honest glimpse of the life of bollywood celebrities

Mrs Funny Bones
Author : Twinkle Khanna
Publisher : Penguin books
Published in 2015
Pages : 235

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