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Steel King Laxmi Niwas Mittal by Mithilesh Gautam 0

The book Steel King Laxmi Niwas Mittal by Mithilesh Gautam is a autobiographical book of one of the wealthiest indians in the world. While his name has been mentioned often in the media, his background has not been described in great detail. It provides a rare glimpse of how his father started Steel India using scrap iron, and how L.N Mittal chose to give up his stake in steel India to focus on the world market where conditions were less hostile.
The informative book also describes how he has flourished abroad specializing in taking over sick and poor managed steel mills, analyzing their deficiencies and then making the necessary changes to make the steel mill profitable. This would mean making management changes, improving the technology used to reduce production cost or investing money in equipment. He has often faced opposition as politicians feared the loss of jobs after takeover and racism abroad, yet he has managed to overcome it over a period of time. Any profitable business will always be beneficial for the area in which it will be located, as it will generate jobs and other opportunities for people.
The widely publicized wedding of his children Aditya and Vanisha are also described in some detail in this book. The writing style of the author differs from typical indian writers. An informative book, providing an interesting glimpse of the meteoric rise of one of the most high profile and wealthiest indians in the world
Steel King Laxmi Niwas Mittal by Mithilesh Gautam
Pages : 143
Publisher : Manoj Publications