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Review : The Search of the Myth by Prithviraj Desai 0

The Search of the Myth is the story of a rather unusual treasure hunt which started in 1782 with a shipwreck . The ship Grosnover is supposed to taking a treasure from Madras to London which is eagerly awaited by the king. However due to stormy weather, the shop Grosnover is shipwrecked at the Pondolan coast of south africa , and the only person surviving the ship wreck with the important casket is the captain John Coxon. Afraid that he will be held responsible for ship wreck and punished by the king, the captain who is rescued by another ship, changes his name when he manages to reach london and starts life anew. The story then jumps a few centuries to present day London

The tall good looking June Fox is a history student in London, whose grandfather gives her a note on his death bed which could lead to a huge treasure which was hidden centuries ago. Clues to where the real treaure is hidden are provided in a series of notes. There are others like the evil and powerful Mr Kvoski are also interested in getting hold of the treasure at any cost at all and has seemingly infinite resources , killing people who oppose recklessly including Junes mother when June initially refuses to give him the note. However June manages to trick Mr Kvoski, giving him a note with the same message written on aged paper

After her grandfathers death, when June finds an email from a person she does not know that he has solved the mystery, she decides to meet him personally, visiting india with her friend Emma to trace the mysterious treasure. The person who claims to have resolved the message in the note is Shiva Khanna, an archaeologist and a treasure hunter. Having detailed information on India and indian history , shiva is able to help June decode the message and reach the city where the treasure is supposed to have been hidden. The notes are written in the language style of english of a few centuries ago, and refer to historical structures and events.

The story then tells how the different clues which form a part of the treasure hunt are decoded by June, Emma, Shiva visiting multiple cities in India. They take the help of an expert, mr Abhijit Sharma to get the matter resolved. The persistent powerful Mr Kvoski follows them to india in his private plane trying to get hold of the hidden treasure with his well armed killer bodyguards the story is fast paced, with dialogues written in an unusual manner similar to a drama or play. A lot of research has been done to write the book and gives a glimpse of indian history a few centuries ago, as the europeans especially the british started ruling India. The book has an unusual ending.

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An interesting and unusual book especially for those who are interested in treasure hunts and historical fiction

Book: The Search of the Myth
Author: Prithviraj Desai
Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: 241

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