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Magic tricks by James Lion Tubro 0

Unlike most of the books reviewed in this blog, this book is not famous, but is nevertheless a good read because it explains scientifically how many of the magic tricks performed by magicians can be replicated by a layman. This is especially important while working online, as identity theft is becoming increasingly common, and the gangs behind identity theft and online scams have perfected the art of creating illusions ,spreading rumours to ruin reputations by putting their targets under surveillance and using their knowlege of human psychology.

Magicians use a combination of accessories, a very good understanding of physics, chemistry and biology (especially human physiology) . For each trick , a short description is provided ,followed by an explanation of how it is performed. For many tricks,usually involving cards some amount of practice is needed before it can be performed convincingly before an audience.

Others like the holy water trick, use different types of chemicals.A black colour drink contains ferrous sulphate, chebulic myrobalan and water. The magician will tell the audience that he will convert the drink into holy water magically. He will pour it into another empty glass (which contains citric acid invisible to the audience) and the liquid will turn colorless. The audience will think it is magic, but actually the color change is because of the chemical reaction.

In real life too, from a distance, it is easy to create an illusion and have people believe in it, but only on close examination, can a person find out what the truth is.

Magic tricks
by James Lion Tubro
Publisher: Sahni Publications
Year: 2010
Pages : 184

Inspiration from a classic Built to Last 0

In early 2000’s I came across this book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies is a book written by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras on October 26, 1994. The book outlines the results of a six-year research project into what makes enduring great companies.

Taking some cues from the book I started my journey as an entrepreneur with my first venture in 2007. As the book suggested that it is not necessary that a successful business is an idea which does not exist in the industry. The concept of coupons was an already existing model. I just gave it a twist by providing coupons on digital platforms like mobile and internet hence avoiding the cost and hassles involved with physical distribution of coupons.

Today is the destination for free coupons and deals in India. It has been built on a foundation that may see it survive over 100 years of existence much after the founders are gone.