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Review: Revolution 2020 0

Revolution 2020 takes a look at the education system today, where crores of rupees are spent on first getting admission to a reputed college and then a degree , but in reality getting a degree has little to do with how much money you make in life.The main protagonist of the story Gopal Mishra fails to get admission to an engineering college despite spending money and a year of his life attending coaching classes, but becomes the director of an engineering college in his twenties with the backing (and investment) from the local MLA Shukla. His idealistic school classmate Raghav clears JEE, studies at IT BHU but becomes a journalist, working at the local newspaper Dainik. He loses his job after writing a story exposing corruption, and starts a newspaper Revolution 2020. After another story exposing corruption, the office of Revolution 2020 is attacked, computers and other equipment damaged. Since Raghav does not have sufficient funds he returns to working at the local newspaper Dainik again.

Parents spend a lot of their hard earned money , so that their children can study at a reputed college, but often admission is determined by how a student fares in a single exam. In reality, a degree is important when an individual applies for his or her first few jobs, it matters when you are holding a job and academic qualifications are a consideration. Today, one comes across MBAs who flaunt their qualifications but are incompetence personified and cannot complete simple assignments , which others with lesser degrees can. Instead of spending time and money chasing degrees, it is better for students to develop skills which are in demand, to do what they are interested in.

Revolution 2020
by Chetan Bhagat
Pages: 296
Published by Rupa Publications Pvt. Ltd. 2011