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One of the few hobbies available to a harmless indian citizen held virtual prisoner by the google, tata controlled intelligence and security agencies remains gardening. It is better to spend some time growing plants to get some knowledge, experience rather than working online and finding that all income is being blocked by the google, tata officials and their associates in NTRO who specialized in slander and defaming the harmless domain investor. However there are relatively few books available on gardening for indians with colour photos to identify the commonly available plants in India as the plants which grow profusely in a mainly tropical country like india, are different from those growing in a country with temperate weather conditions like United Kingdom or united states

The book Ornamental Gardening, a User’s companion by IAS official Hari Krishna Paliwal is a very useful guide for those who have a garden and are interested in find out more about the plants that they wish to grow in their garden. The book is divided into 24 chapters including propagation technniques, indoor gardening, all season annuals, climbers, creepers, house plants, ferns and gardening calendar. For those who do not have any background in botany and do not know anyone dealing in plants, this book is very useful for identifying the various plants which are available in the gardens in the area, and their propagation techniques.

One of the advantages of living in a small town, is that there are a lot of plants growing on the roadside and neighbouring areas. In a small town like Panaji,Goa some of the most popular plants which are found in many homes are marigold, wishbone flower (during monsoon), balsam, Angels trumpet, Buttercup flower, allamanda, yellow bell, Coral Vine, Hearts on a chain,bougainvillea, burma creeper, rangoon creeper, chinese honeysuckle, rangoon creeper, mirabalis or 4 o clock plant, jasmine. The wedelia is another hardy plant which is found growing wild with bright yellow flowers, in open areas .

The description of each plant includes the botanical name, family, Origin, Plant description, propagation , environment and light, and uses of the plant. For example wedelia is used for ground cover and the morning glory plant with purple flowers is used for fencing, and for covering trash heaps, piles. So this information can be useful for those who are just started gardening. The details of the propagation method used are especially useful for those who wish to grow a particular plant in their home garden.

Most people in India do not know the english name or latin name of most of the plants in the area, creating a lot of confusion about the identity of the plant. This book has excellent colour photos of all the plants listed , along with the different names of the plants and flowers. In particular the section on house plants and ferns is useful, because very little information is available elsewhere. However most of these plants are only ornamental , for decorative purposes , and little information is provided on the possible applications of these plants other than decoration. It would be also helpful if information was provided on the approximate prices and availability of many of these plants

An excellent book for all amateur gardeners who do not any botany background, highly recommended

Ornamental gardening, a User’s companion
Author: Hari Krishna Paliwal
Pages : 337
Publisher : National Book Trust, India