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The book Tales from the Bar & Bench is a book of stories, anecdotes based on professional life of senior advocate Vicaji J Taraporevala, who practiced in the Mumbai High court for sixty two years. The book includes stories from the courts when British ruled India, and includes several famous lawyers and judges like Jinnah, Motilal Setalvad, Rustom Kolah, Chief Justice Chagla, Nana Palkhivala, Pherozeshah Mehta and also British lawyers and judges
The book is divided into various categories like witnesses and cross-examination, chambers, chance and destiny, judges, litigants and litigation, lawyers, judges, bound and rebound, government, courts and lawyers
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It is a well written book to understand how the courts and lawyers are functioning, how the judges are appointed, the effort required to fight a case , especially for those who have no legal background
Tales from the Bar & Bench
Author: Vicaji J Taraporevala
Publisher: Penguin books, 2010
Pages: 150