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Books with short stories are always popular since it is easier and quicker to read one short story. The book “Grandma Tales” is a collection of 16 short stories for children, which grandmothers and others can narrate.
Some of the stories are about problems which many people face, theft of jewelry at home by servants or household help. Other stories are about bribery and abuse of power of employees, especially staff working for the king.
Other stories are about the greed and hypocrisy of the rich. They will believe anything if they are benefiting financially, even if it is obviously not true. They are also often ruthless in cheating, exploiting others
The book is different from most other books since it is in large print which is easy to read, so it is suitable for those who do not have good eyesight.
At the end of each story, difficult to understand words are explained in simple language, so this book is recommended for those who wish to improve their English grammar and vocabulary.

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Quick read for those who like reading books to relax or fall asleep quickly
Grandma Tales
Author: Sneha Sheth
Publisher: Sheth Publishing House, 2014
Pages: 115

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