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One of the reasons why engineers from top colleges in India leave the country, is because the government agencies are extremely careless and incompetent making fake allegations without any proof against hardworking professionals from top colleges, to ruin their reputation completely. They then waste crores of rupees of taxpayer
money to find non-existent proof, and refuse to admit their mistake in falsely accusing an innocent person
The government agencies then expect the person who they have falsely accused to agree to identity theft, give up his or her savings,resume, otherwise they do not allow the person to make any money in india, Usually people who make a mistake will not repeat it in future, yet the government agencies continue to slander innocent people
to cheat, exploit them for the rest of their lives. They refuse to acknowledge that people change.
The book Hooligan turned Holy man is the story of Sangli baba, who is becoming increasingly popular in the area where he resides, having a large number of followers. Sindu is a journalist with a newspaper who is assigned to interview Sangli baba and find the reasons for his popularity. She goes to the address she is given and locates the house. She finds that he is living in a old small house with his wife.
Sangli baba tells the story of his life, that when he was young, he was involved in illegal activities, theft, extortion and similar criminal activities for ten years. However, when he took a supari to murder an old man, he was filled with remorse, so he surrendered and was imprisoned for ten years. However, due to good behavior he was released after seven years, and then he wandered all over india for self discovery. He met some naga sadhus who explained the right way to deal with all the problems people faced, using their experience. So he returned to his home town and took up a job in a garment factory.
He then used the sutras he learned from the Naga sadhus to deal with problems and help others who are also facing similar problems. He then describes the different sutras which can help a person deal with their difficulties better.
The book is divided into various chapters like Impossible is possible, living with anger, peace is internal, change your perspective, enjoy the culinary delights, live the stages of your life well.
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While the advice is relevant for most people, it is not of much use to the reviewer, who is victim of government slavery, cybercrime, slander, financial fraud, denied her fundamental rights which almost other indian citizens including criminals have .
However, the book is written in simple and easy to understand language, and can help people who are stressed to review their activities, way of thinking and find out if they can handle matters differently.
The Hooligan Turned Holy Man
Author: Harsha Shastry
Publisher: The Write order 2022