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Review : R.N.Kao, Gentleman Spymaster, author Nitin Gokhale 0

Indian domain investors, online publishers deal with customers worldwide are closely monitored by R&AW, which sometimes falsely claims that its greedy risk averse employees who do not spend any time and money on domains, web hosting, writing content, own the websites, criminally defaming the real publisher, a private citizen and causing great financial losses, since their advertising revenue decreases, and they cannot even sell the domains at a fair price.

Though R&AW was started with the right intentions, and the founder R.N Kao, would insist on accuracy, at present, R&AW is ruthless in destroying the life of some citizens, especially single women with a good JEE rank from poorer communities, stealing their identity, correspondence after making fake allegations without any kind of valid proof. This book is worth reading, since it provides information which those whose life R&AW has destroyed will otherwise never get, since these citizens are completely isolated,
The founder of R&AW was a Kashmiri Brahmin, which explains why brahmins like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan are preferred in raw/ntro, with raw/ntro blindly believing in their completely fake claims, though they cheating, exploiting other citizens.
The book traces the life of Kao, how his father who was working in government agencies under the British died at a very young age and his mother faced great hardship in bring him and his younger brother up. This has affected R&AW to some extent, and the domain investor has noticed that R&AW is recruiting mainly people whose parents, usually father have died at a young age like the founder of R&AW. For example the father of goan fraud R&AW/cbi employees bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan have expired, when they were teenagers.
It explains how Kao was originally recruited in the Indian Police under the British, which became the Indian Police service. He was in charge of the security for first prime minister of India, Pandit Nehru who was a Kashmiri Pandit like him, especially on foreign trips which helped him in networking with security and intelligence agencies worldwide. Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi also had great faith in him, and gave him complete powers while founding R&AW
Since Kao was closely linked with Indira Gandhi, when she lost power, it also affected his career, and the Janata PM, Morarji desai also caused great damage to R&AW. After Indira Gandhi came back to power, he was again reinstated. He had warned that no Sikh should be in the security of Indira Gandhi, yet this was ignored leading to the assassination. The book claims that Kao was upset that he was not able to protect Indira Gandhi who trusted him.
The book also confirms that R&AW would recruit people who were known to Kao and his associates initially, the children of his friends leading to the allegation that it is the relatives and associates wing of the indian government. One aspect of Kao, which may be linked to his difficult childhood, is that he rarely smiled. This explains why R&AW does not hire people who are smiling readily like the domain investor. It also explains the relationship between R&AW and other agencies like CIA, French intelligence, the role of R&AW in the formation of Bangladesh.

Unlike Mossad, which will quickly acknowledges it mistakes, and corrects them making it the top rated intelligence agency in the world, R&AW refuses to admit its mistakes. Since no one from R&AW or any agency which destroys the life of harmless innocent indian citizens has the humanity and honesty to contact them or compensate them for the great losses, this is book is worth reading for understanding one of the most powerful and unfortunately very incompetent agencies in India making fake allegations against some indian citizens without proof.wasting a huge amount of indian taxpayer money in the process.

Kindly note that brahmin puppet NTRO’s sugar baby shameless greedy slim goan bhandari fraud R&AW employee sunaina chodan who does not do any computer work, does not invest any money in domains like other ntro/raw/cbi employees and their associates including asmita patel, sindhi scammer brothers nikhil, karan chandan, their mother school dropout naina chandan are not associated with the website in any way though R&AW,cbi, ntro are making fake claims for the last 8 years to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, a older single woman who is facing a loss of Rs 15 lakh annually and is criminally defamed because of the indian internet sector, government fraud. Goan bhandari sunaina chodan does not even know to shut down a website, yet she is falsely promoted as a online expert, to CRIMINALLY DEFAME, CHEAT, EXPLOIT the real online expert, managing this and other website

The indian government decided to form R&AW because the IB (Intelligence bureau) employees were considered “flat footed Closeaus” (bumbling detective in Pink panther series) after the 1965 war with Pakistan. Since 2010, the NTRO/R&AW employees especially in the indian internet sector are behaving worse that than the flat footed Closeaus they were supposed to replace, making completely wild allegation against indian citizens, for personal reasons like hatred, and jealousy of their engineering college classmates. Kindly note that raw/cbi employees especially asmita patel, sindhi scammers school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, nayanshree hathwar are not associated with the website in any way.

The book is recommended provides information which indian citizens whose life R&AW has destroyed will otherwise never get, since these innocent harmless citizens are completely isolated, their correspondence robbed without a legally valid reason for more than a decade to cover up the mistakes of well paid powerful careless incompetent R&AW employees

R.N.Kao, Gentleman Spymaster
Author: Nitin Gokhale
Pages: 227
Publisher : Bloomsbury India, 2019

With Three Prime Ministers Nehru, Indira and Rajiv 0

In India, the prime minister is the most powerful person in the country officially, yet except the speeches, which are broadcast to the nation, there is little known about how the prime ministers of India function, the kind of support staff that they have, their lifestyle and personal nature. The book “With Three Prime Ministers Nehru, Indira and Rajiv” by N K Seshan who was the private secretary of Nehru and Indira and worked with Rajiv Gandhi gives a glimpse of the lifestyle of some of the most influential prime ministers of India.

Today as cheating, lies and fraud has become the norm in indian society and corporate world, people who are middle aged or older in India wonder what is wrong with them, why the value systems in Indian society have changed so drastically, why being honest and hardworking is considered to be a crime. The sheena bora murder case which was exposed in 2015 was typical of the values of India in the last decade. The real reason for the transformation was the drastic changes in the value system, lifestyle of the most powerful and influential people in the country.

N K Seshan worked as the private secretary of Nehru from the 1940’s till his death in 1964, and he describes in detail the life, value system and personal ethics of the first prime minister of India. Though born in India in a wealthy family, Jawaharlal Nehru or Pandit Nehru did not care much for money, and was influenced by western countries in his attitude towards other people, his value system of honesty, consideration for those who were not wealthy, unlike in India today, where the tendency is to exploit to the maximum extent possible, especially those who are vulnerable.

Pandit Nehru was also a well read person, an intellectual who wrote a number of books, especially during his prison stay, and the royalty from these books were a source of income. He treated both the poor and rich will respect and consideration, unlike today when powerful people do not lose any opportunity to ridicule and humiliate people who they do not like. Though widely travelled he led a frugal life. Details of other people who influenced Nehru like Krishna Menon, Vallabhai Patel, Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi are also described

Pandit Nehru worked hard to help China gain acceptance worldwide, so the attack of China on India in 1962 adversely affected him both mentally and physically. After the betrayal by China, his secretary noted that his health worsened and he was also a changed person. After his death, Lal Bahadur Shastri became the Prime minister of India for some time, yet after his death, Indira Gandhi, who worked as the information and broadcasting minister in his cabinet, became the Prime Minister of India.

Some of the decisions of Indira Gandhi like the nationalization of banks, abolition of Privy purses and invasion of Bangladesh helped to consolidate her position. He also mentioned how the intelligence agencies would keep Indira Gandhi well informed of whatever was going on in the country. The declaration of emergency and the loss in the general elections are also mentioned. While Sanjay Gandhi was interested in politics, his brother Rajiv Gandhi was a trained pilot, more interested in his professional and family life.

However after the death of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi asked N K Seshan to take care of the numerous important papers, including correspondence, notes, of Indira gandhi and her father, so that they could be properly preserved for the future generations. In a way, the book reflects the transition in the value systems of India, how the idealism of Pandit Nehru has died as people in India become increasingly materialistic, and honest people are ruthlessly defamed, cheated and exploited.

An excellent read for those who wish to understand the ideals of India immediately after independence and how these ideals slowly died in India over the last few decades, due to nepotism, corruption, and greed.

With Three Prime Ministers Nehru, Indira and Rajiv
Author : N K Seshan
Published in 1993
Publisher : Wiley Eastern Limited
Pages : 136