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Review: Behram’s Boat 0

Often people spend a lot of time and money on their favorite passion or interest and finally find that no one is interested
Behram’s boat is the story of a retired Parsi insurance agent, Behram Rustomjee whose wife died several years ago.
After his retirement, he has plenty of free time, and he becomes an alcoholic drinking excessively, causing problems for himself and his married daughter Persis.
Tired of cleaning up the mess her father creates due to his alcoholism, Persis gets her father admitted to a sanatorium, so that he gives up his drinking habit.
Due to the noise which children in the vicinity create, Behram is not able to sleep well, so he goes out to shout at children. Upset at his sleep being disturbed he also destroys the paper boats of the children who are lead by Pesi. In the verbal argument that ensues, the young boy taunts Behram on what he has achieved till date.
The Parsi newspaper is owned by Dorabjee and Behram’s daughter works Persis there. Dorabjee publishes an article on the declining Parsi population which was 75000 and will decline further. This gives Behram the idea of having a boat in which the young Parsi people will travel to Iran where the Parsis came from and hopefully they will meet fall in love with each other, marry and have more Parsi children to increase the Parsi population.
Though he initially rejects the idea, Dorabjee realizes that the idea has potential to boost the newspaper circulation. So he decides to go ahead in building the boat in Salaya, Gujarat, with the help of donations from the parsi community and others. Behram is so obsessed with the idea that he gives up on alcohol and works on the boat himself, living in salaya himself. What ultimately happens after the boat is built forms the rest of the story.
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This book is extremely well written, highly recommended for those who wish to understand the Parsi community in Mumbai, how boats are manufactured, and the problems which senior citizens face in india
Behram’s Boat
Author: Adi Pocha
Publisher: Leadstart, 2022
Pages: 431

Review : Innocence to Irony 0

The book Innocence to Irony is a collection of short stories about life in india. It reflects the male dominated indian society, where women have a second class status having to adjust to her husband. In particular, the status of women in the supposedly high tech indian internet sector is especially poor. Offline, at least a woman will be acknowledged for her experience, honesty, hardwork online in india today only mediocre lazy liar frauds flourish, as cheating skills, evil nature are most important today to the powerful officials and large companies like GOOGLE.

In many stories, the fact that the charm of a woman decreases as she grows older has been clearly bought out. When the dancers are young, they have many loyal fans, and when they grow older, these fans will then switch to younger more good looking women. Hence women should diversify into sectors where their income will not depend on their appearance. Many stories are set in rural india and cover women from a variety of backgrounds,.

The indian internet sector today appears to be completely devoid of humanity, honesty, morals unlike offline, where people can distinguish between good and evil. The final story Irony shows how in the real world, people will go out of their way to protect honest hardworking Savitri who killed her evil husband, Murugan and ensure that she will go scot free.

Online in the indian internet sector today, almost everyone will support a greedy ungrateful scammer husband and wife hathwar couple who looted a single woman of more than Rs 1,1 lakh of her hard earned money to build a new house in bangalore and even reward the cheater housewife with an important government job for her frauds

Thus honest hardworking people should avoid an online career if they do not want to be cheated of their hard earned money as people are more honest offline. A well written and easy to read book.