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Love in the strangest places is a compilation of poems on various topics by Sue Ann Zachariah, a physician, medical teacher and dog lover living in kottayam, kerala
The book has a large number of poems of the different aspects of life
The poems are arranged alphabetically starting from a Day in Between, Acceptance, Aging to Zero being the last poem so it is easy to find the poems on a particular topic
The poems are written in simple language yet convey the feelings of the poet on various topics
Specifically the poem “Chewed” highlights the problem which many women professionals in India are facing at present, they are being used especially powerful men, who will ruthlessly cheat, exploit, rob the women professionals, especially single women and then discard them, refusing to reply or help them in any way
“Being chewed up”
“Used and then discarded”
“As if you never mattered”
Increasingly the rich and powerful check the social status of the persons they are targetting for exploitation, and older single women are specifically ruthlessly exploitation leading to great frustration, resentment and anger
The author is middle aged and increasingly middle aged people, especially older single women are not being treated properly in india, large companies and government agencies are extremely ruthless in cheating,exploiting these people, leading to resentment and cynicism
So the book reflects the mindset and attitude of the author with loneliness and loss being mentioned frequently
The book ends with black and white photos of the the pet dogs of the poet, Pepper and Remus
Increasingly people are preferring to keep pet dogs because they find it extremely difficult to find anyone who they can trust
This slim volume of poems is highly recommended for those who find that they are not being treated fairly, they are not alone, it will help them to have a more philosophical look at life.
Love in the Strangest places (Poems)
Poet: Sue Ann Zachariah
Publisher: Yes Press Books, Perumbavoor, 2022
Pages: 64

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