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The Malhotra Bride is one of the cheaper books which was available at the local second hand book store. It is a typical indian romance story. Sunita is the daughter of a rich and reputed industrialist family, like most other heroines, she is beautiful with grey green eyes. In most Indian families, parents feel that getting their daughters married off, is a major responsibility and her parents want to fix her marriage with a groom from another reputed and wealthy Punjabi family
The groom Akshay is the only son of a rich Punjabi family. Though Sunita initially does not agree to the marriage, since she is only twenty years old, she later agrees to the marriage, The rest of story is about the elaborate engagement and wedding ceremony. The book has very detailed descriptions of the clothes and functions which are conducted
Additionally the book also covers the problem of extortion which rich families and business owners face from the underworld and gangsters. The rich businessmen often receive threats from the underworld. If they pay up, the gangsters or rival gangs may ask them for additional money, causing losses. Though the businessmen can refuse to pay up,the gangsters may shoot them causing injuries or in some cases death. Additionally the shooting is widely covered in the media.
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An interesting glimpse of the life of the rich Punjabis, a different world compared to that of the reviewer who first came to the city as a penniless student.
The Malhotra Bride
Author: Sundari Venkatraman
Publisher: Fingerprint, Prakash Books India Pvt.Ltd