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Government agencies are quick to ridicule those who do not have a job as being idle and useless, yet the fact is that in some cases,it is not necessary to have a job. Some people are born in well off families with enough inheritance to take care of all their expenses. In other cases, a person may have saved enough money at a young age or invested wisely to lead a comfortable life later, it is not necessary to lead a very hectic life , getting a job where the employees is expected to be present in office daily and waste time travelling to office.
This book is set in Malgudi with Nagaraj living in a spacious house in Kabir street in a wealthy area of Malgudi with his wife Sita. Before his father died, his elder brother Gopu was living with him in the house. After the death of his father, the assets and other properties were divided between Gopu and Nagaraj, with Gopu prefering to take control of the ancestral property in the village including land.Gopu develops the land and farms to make them profitable. While Nagaraj is childless, Gopu has a son Tim, who is close to Nagaraj and his wife.
While people are quick to dismiss those who are jobless as idle, most people forget that managing money is also very time consuming. Like the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau who was also born wealthy mentioned, having some money gives the person the opportunities to do what he is really interested in. So in addition to his daily routine, Nagaraj has also invested money in his friend Coomars Boeing Sari Company. Usually he spends some time daily visiting and writing the accounts at the sari company. While government employees can afford to be careless, most people with some savings spend time tallying their financial records.
One day, Time, Gopu’s son decides that he does not want to live with his father, and comes to live with Nagaraj. Though Gopu tries to persuade his son to come back, he refuses. Though Nagaraj gets him admitted to school, he finds that Tim is coming late at night and is smelling of liquor. Being very laidback he does not ask Tim. However, Gopu finds out what his son is doing from various sources, and also arranges his marriage to a woman who is a singer, whose father offers dowry.
After the marriage Tim and Saroja live with Nagaraj for some time. Due to a dispute related to singing they leave the house to live in Kismet where Tim was working. What happens next forms the rest of the story.
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Interesting look at life in Malgudi, a small town in south India a few decades ago though the life of sita is very similar to that of housewife raw/cbi employees like bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro faking domain ownership, writing work to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real writer, reviewer.
The world of Nagaraj
Author: R.K.Narayan
Publisher: Indian Though Publications
First published in 1990

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