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Most of the articles for clients outside india are for marketing, branding, so this book on Brand Switch is interesting since it provides information on how to attract, convert, new customers, retain existing customers, increase their sales, while regaining the lapsed or lost customers. This book is mainly focusing on consumer products, analyzing in great detail the branded products which people consume everyday. Typically most people are using up to 40 branded products daily, rich consumers are likely to use more brands, while poor customers will purchase fewer branded products.
He also mentions that the brand manager is usually focusing only on marketing and advertising, they often ignore the more important aspects like distribution network, ensuring that the product is available to customers who have viewed the advertisement. Often the domain investor goes to a shop and is told that the item is out of stock, so retailers would like to be assured of a regular supply before they promote a particular product
He also focuses on understanding the changing market conditions and customer preferences. Increasing the number of locations where a product is available can increase the sales significantly. The domain investor finds that many of the items/brands which she wishes to purchase are not easily available in the local stores. Companies selling high value items should do everything possible to retain their existing customers and try to regain the customers they have lost.
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A good book to understand marketing, branding and advertising in the indian context
Brand Switch
Author: Jagdeep Kapoor
Publisher: Jaico Books /Jaico Publishing house
Fourth Jaico Impression 2010
Pages: 145