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So though Lotus is not being used extensively at present, it was popular a few decades ago, since it combines spreadsheet, database and graphics in one program
The first section is on spreadsheets, with all the basic functions like addition, substraction, multiplication, formulae
Generating graphics like pie graph and bar graph
Most of these aspects are included in Microsoft Excel which is the most widely used spreadsheet software at present.
The book also explains the formula for logical functions, depreciation, cashflow analysis, mortgage analysis, reference table, string functions and how to export files. However, the most interesting aspect is the database, the database structure, since databases are often the problem for many websites.
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Though Lotus is not used, it is an interesting book for those who wish to understand databases better

Lets Learn Lotus 1-2-3
Author: Harish Srivastava
Publisher: Sterling Information Technologies, 1993
Pages: 43