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Since Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons Philip and Timothy were murdered more than twenty years ago, most people have forgotten the incident. However, those who were in their twenties in 1999, still remember the horrific incident since it was widely covered in the mainstream media.
For those who are not aware of the details Australian missionary Graham Staines and his wife Esther were working to help the tribals in barripada, orissa. On January 23, 1999 almost 24 years ago, a group led by Dara singh attacked Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons Philip and Timothy who were sleeping in a jeep in Manoharpur at midnight.
After attacking them, the group set their jeep on fire, burning them alive.
This horrific incident resulted in outraged reactions from different countries, especially western countries. Yet it shows how the mobs in india function with those who instigate the mobs often ruthless in attacking innocent people to destroy their life completely,
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The book describes the persecution of Christians from ancient times, especially two thousand years ago, when it was a new religion with almost no followers.The book also provides profiles of the different categories of Christians in India, in Kerala many of the Christians are wealthy and own property while in other places they are tribals who have converted to Christianity recently or a few decades ago
The authors also discuss the role of Christian missionaries in India like Graham Staines, how right wing activists, like the Bajrang Dal are often objecting to their activities, accusing them of conversion. Yet the fact which the authors rightly mentioned is that the indian state has largely abdicated its responsibility to help the disadvantaged like the tribals to improve the quality of their life.
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This book is recommended for those who wish to understand the life of missionaries, and their activities in India, specifically in Odissa, the problems they face and how mobs are instigated to destroy the life of innocent people.

Burnt Alive – the Staines and the god they loved
Authors: Vijay Martis & M.B. Desai
Publisher: GLS Publishing, Mumbai 1999
Pages: 215