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In India the success or failure of a person depends to a large extent on their family background, Government agencies are ruthless in destroying the life of small online business owners, holding themselves for the misdeeds of their parents or relatives. While Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of the nation, for his role in the freedom struggle against the british, there is less information about his personal life, family background
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Since the government agencies refuse to end their government SLAVERY racket despite protesting online for more than 8 years, the domain investor wanted to find out which methods were effective against the british
So the book Gandhi provides detailed information on gandhi, his family was well known in Porbandar and the other princely states of Gujarat, since his family members were working as the chief minister of Porbandar and Rajkot. He probably learned to deal with problems diplomatically to find a solution which is acceptable to all from his family. The book also describes his education in great detail, how he went to England to become a barrister.
After he returned to India, it was difficult to get work, so he accepted an assignment in South Africa for a client and became involved in the struggle for right for indian workers, who were treated very badly. He spent several years in South Africa which was also a part of the british empire fighting for better treatment of Indians. After this he returned to India to fight for freedom from the british.
The detailed struggle of gandhi has been described in great detail in the history books, Satyagraha, civil disobedience, imprisonment, till india got freedom. His death after being shot at is also described in detail
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Review: Gandhi
Author: Ravindra Varma
Publisher: Navjivan Publishing house, 2001
Pages : 153